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Type of Systems:


image003†† †† Fire Alarm Systems:

image003†† †† Intrusion/Security Alarm/Card Access

image003†† †† Emergency/Nurse Call/Assisted Living

image003†† †† Intercom/Music/Paging/Public Address

image003†† †† Telephone Entry Control/Rescue Assistance

image003†† †† Close Circuit Television

image003†† Clock

image003†† †† Special Applications

image003†† †† Industry Resources (Web Site of Manufactures)


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Fire Alarm Systems:



Ademco,Altronix Corp.,Amesco, Apollo,Autocall,Chemetronics,Detection Systems,ESL/Sentrol,Eagle Picher,Exide Batteries,Faraday,FCI, Federal Signal,Firelite,Gamewell,Gentex,Grinnell,Harrington Signal,Kidde-Fenwal,Light Engineered Displays Inc., Potter Signals, Power Sonic,Protectowire,Radionics,Silent Knight,Spectronics,STI, System Sersor,Thermotech,Vesda,Wheelock&Yuasa



ADA Panels and Power Supplies

Conventional Beam Detectors

Addressable Agent Releasing

Conventional Control Units

Addressable Agent Releasing Stations

Countdown Timer & Purge Panel Controllers

Addressable Field Devices

Digital Countdown Timers

Addressable Pull Stations

Digital Dialers

Alarm Bells

Door Holders and Accessories

Air Sampling Pipe and Accessories

Explosion Proof Sprinkler Devices

Analog Control Units

Firefighters Telephone System

Analog Fire Alarm Panels

Fire Power Supplies

Analog Network Control Units

Graphical User Interface (Firegraph)

Analog Smoke, Heat and Duct Detectors

Integrated Solutions


Heat Sensing Devices

Aspiration Smoke Detection Systems

Pull Station Covers and Device Guards

Audio Evacuation Systems

Pull Stations-Explosion Proof

Audio/Visual Signaling Devices

Smoke Detectors, Audio/Visual Signaling Devices

Batteries and Accessories

Smoke Detector Test Equipment and Supplies

Cellular Monitoring Panels

Sounder and Relay Bases

Conventional Fire Panel

Special Hazard Linear Heat Detection

Conventional Smoke Detectors and Accessories

Stu Monitoring Panels

Conventional Duct Detectors

Remote Operators Control Units

Conventional Heat Detectors

Voice Evacuation Module

Conventional Pull Stations

Water flow and Supervisory Devices


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Intrusion/Security Alarm/Card Access Systems:



Ademco,Autocall,Corby, Detection Systems,FBI,Kidde,Napco, Power Sonic & Radionics


Products Wired:

Access Control Cards

Hold-up Buttons

Access Control Units

ID Card Printers

Access Control loggers

Power Supplies

Addressable Security Panels

Security Keypads

Addressable Field Devices

Conventional Security Panels

Beam Detectors

Security Phone Controls

Card Readers

Security Voice Systems

Ceiling PIR, Microwave, & Dual Tec Sensors

Sensitivity Optic Sensors

Digital Dialers

Shock Sensors

Digital Entry Units

Sonic Sensors

Door Contacts

Roll-up Door Contacts

Glassbreaker Sensors

Wall PIR, Microwave, Dual Tec, Tri Tec Sensors


Products Wireless:



Beam Detectors

Roll-up Door Contacts

Ceiling PIR, Microwave, Dual Tec, Tri Tec Sensors

Security Keypads

Door Contacts

Sensitivity Optic Sensors

Fire Alarm Smoke & Heat Detectors

Shock Sensors

Glassbreaker Sensors

Sonic Sensors

Hold-up Buttons


Power Supplies

Wall PIR, Microwave, Dual Tec, Tri Tec Sensors


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Emergency/Nurse Call/Assisted Living Systems:



Aiphone, Detection Systems, Stentofon, & TekTone



Addressable Corridor Dome Lamps

Emergency Shower Pull Stations

Addressable Emergency Call Stations

Nurse Call Master Stations

Addressable Multi Stations

Nurse Call Panels

Addressable Nurse Call Panels

Nurse Call Station Annunciators

Assisted Living Panels

Pillow Emergency Call Buttons

Audio-Visual Nurse Call Panels

Pillow Speakers

Code call Stations

Power Standby UPSís

Corridor Dome Lamps

Presence Stations

Corridor Zone Dome Lamps

Psychiatric Stations

Duty Stations

Sectional Corridor Dome Lamps

Emergency Call Button Cords

Speaker/Microphone Units

Emergency Call Stations

Staff Stations

Emergency Pull Stations

Tone Speaker Units

Nurse Call Master Stations

Video Monitors


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Intercom/Music/Paging/Public Address Systems:



Aiphone, Atlas Soundlier, Bogen, Stentofon, & Weelock



Ambient Noise Sensors



Phone Interfaces

Apartment Entry Systems


Apartment Voice & Video Entry Systems

Stereo AM/FM Tuner & Casette Players

Call Button

Stereo CD-Rom Players

Desktop Microphones

Speaker/Microphone Units

Digital Messages Units

Speaker Transformers

Door Strike


Eliminates Feedback Units

Tone Units

Enclosures & Baffles

Stereo AM/FM Tuners

Intercom & Door Chime Systems

Voice & Video Door Entry Substations

Intercom Pager/Talkback Adaptors

Voice Activated Relays

Intercom Voice & Video Door Entry Stations

Volume Attenuators

Indoor & Outdoor Audio Door Stations

Wireless Microphones

Indoor & Outdoor Speakers

Zone Paging Systems

Master Sentry Systems

Zone Switchers

Mic Mixer-PreAmplifiers

Zone Talkback Adaptors


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Telephone Entry Control/Rescue Assistance Systems:



Aiphone, Amtel, Silent Knight, Stentofon, Talk-A-Phone & Trigon



Apartment Telephone Entry Panels

Emergency Phone Towers

Apartment Unit Interface Units

Indoor & Outdoor Emergency Phones

Area of Rescue Command Units

Telephone Entry Panels

Emergency Hands-Free Phones

Vandal-Resistants Hands-Free Doorbox


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Close Circuit Television Systems:



Bosch, OnSSI, Pelco, Radionics, Sony, Ultrak, & Vicon



Auto-Iris Lenses

Corner Mount Cameras

Black and White Camera All Types

Hidden Camera All Types

Black and White Monitor All Sizes


Color Camera All Types

Pan and Tilt Camera All Types

Color Duplex Multiplexers

Weatherproof Black and White Cameras

Color Monitor All Sizes

Video Recorders

Color Video Printers

Video Switchers


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Clock Systems:



Amano America, American Time & Signal, Faraday, Lathern, National Time & Zetachron



Clock Guards

Master Clocks

Digital Signal Programmers

Time Recorders

Indoor & Outdoor Bells, Horns, Buzzers

Tone Generators

Indoor & Outdoor Clocks

Wire Guards


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Special Applications Systems:



Interpage, Light Engineered Displays Inc., Pama, & UltraGuard


Interpage Products:

Coaster Pagers

Paging Stations

Digilink Uhf Transmitter Panels

Point Interface Panels

Guardwatcher Transmitters

Restaurant Call Systems

Guest Pagers

PC Page-Link Pro Softwares

Kitchen Call Systems

Staff pagers

Master Pagers


Logger Receivers



AquaAlert Detection Products:

Humidity Controller

Water Detection Graphic Annunciator

Spot Detectors

Water Link Detector Cables

Temperature Controller

Water Link Detection Systems


Pama Gas Detection Products:

Air Pollution Detectors

Hydrogen (H2) Detectors

Ammonia (NH3) Detectors

Leak Detectors

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

Oxygen (O2) Detectors

Chlorine Detectors

Refrigerant Detectors

Frame Detectors

Ultraviolet/Infrared Detectors


UltraGuard Gas Detection Products:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Control Panel


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